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myOnsite offers fully managed end-to-end mobile phlebotomy/specimen collection and laboratory services. We make specimen collection convenient from individual homebound patients to large corporations requiring event screenings and testing across different homes / office locations and sites. Our services provide safety for patients who find it hard to travel or are immune-compromised and those who would prefer to have a private healthcare setting or have time constraints.

  • Guaranteed service.

We stand behind our commitment to provide quality services. We will not charge if our patient care specialist does not complete the order .

  • High-quality service and patient-centered care with a 99+% customer satisfaction rating.

myOnsite Healthcare has a team of highly qualified and certified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research, ensuring patient safety and comfort. We also have dedicated success managers who oversee the entire patient experience, including phone calls, to confirm each appointment. We can schedule the same phlebotomist for clients who have regular blood draws or finger sticks for a more comfortable patient experience.

myOnsite is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients and patients. Our phlebotomy team consists of only seasoned professional phlebotomists with years of experience. We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction record and work hard every day to maintain our team's high standards. On top of that, we have specialized success managers who oversee the entire patient experience, from coordinating phlebotomist visits to confirming appointments.

While we treat our patients to expert care, our clients get the same treatment. Our non patient-facing staff is comprised of specialists in biosciences, clinical diagnostics, and clinical trials. They work hand in hand with our clients to ensure a smooth project and avoid any unforeseen issues.

  • Fully managed biospecimen collection services for clinical trials.

At myOnsite Healthcare, we have ably supported clinical trials for several sponsors by leveraging our expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research. We can manage all lab testing requirements for the clinical trials, including mobile specimen collection, Sample processing, patient enrollment assistance, eConsent, and eCRF customizations across 22 states. We bring clinical research home, enabling convenience and increasing patient satisfaction and retention.

  • Serving across 22+ states.

myOnsite has a network of laboratories, service centers, and hundreds of skilled phlebotomists in 22 states across the nation. We are in the process of rapid expansion across the United States and intend to cover all the 50 states by Q1 2021.

  • Paperless process from orders to specimen collection.

myOnsite services are backed by a proprietary cloud-based IT platform that enables a paperless workflow from orders to results. We provide your clinical team with free access to an electronic (HL7) interface. This connectivity can allow results from any laboratory provider, eliminate the need to print or fax orders, and provide physician/clinic electronic medical record integration.

  • Free access to our web portal to manage orders and check real time updates.

myOnsite offers complimentary access to an electronic (HL7) interface, which allows our clients hassle-free scheduling and reporting. It ensures workflow transparency as our clients have access to real-time status updates on all of their collection requests.

  • We bill Medicare. 

myOnsite Healthcare is capable of billing Medicare directly for our services. This allows us to provide our “white glove service” at no additional cost to the patient or the ordering clinic. For those individuals without Medicare as their insurance provider, we offer our services at economical pricing.

We offer great services and have promotions to encourage friends and the family at affordable rates.

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