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The critical practice of phlebotomy lies in the heart of healthcare, where the safety of patients and providers is paramount. At myOnsite, we understand the importance of infection control not just as a protocol but as a promise to safeguard the health and well-being of everyone involved in the healthcare journey. In 2023, we proudly achieved a milestone that speaks volumes about our dedication: Zero Service Failure, with a spotlight on our services for Oncology patients.

The Journey to Zero Service Failure

At myOnsite, every drop of blood, every procedure, and every service is a story of unwavering commitment to quality and safety. This journey to excellence in infection control isn’t just about adhering to standards and setting new patient care benchmarks. Our success story in 2023 is a testament to this relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring a safe, reliable service for patients, clinics, and our mobile staff.

The Importance of Infection Control: A Safety Net for All

Infection control is our invisible shield against the spread of diseases. It’s the unseen hero in the narrative of healthcare, ensuring a safe environment for both the giver and receiver of care. This narrative is not just about following guidelines; it’s about understanding the impact of our actions on the lives we touch.

  • For Patients: Our stringent infection control measures ensure their health and safety are always our top priority. In a world where healthcare-associated infections pose a significant public health challenge, we stand as a beacon of safety and reliability.
  • For Healthcare Providers: For our phlebotomists on the front lines, these measures safeguard against the risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. It’s our way of saying, “We care for your safety as you care for our patients.”
  • For Clinics: Our commitment to infection control promises reliability and quality, ensuring they can trust us as an extension of their care team, providing seamless and safe services to their patients.

The Story Behind Our Best Practices

Our approach to infection control is woven into the fabric of our services, a narrative of simple yet powerful practices:

  • Hand Hygiene: The first chapter in our story of safety, where the power of cleanliness paves the way for a healthy environment.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our armor in the battle against infection, ensuring the safety of our staff and the people they care for.
  • Safe Disposal of Medical Waste: The closing chapter, where we ensure that the environment we work in remains as safe and clean as when we entered.

Conclusion: A Continuous Story of Safety and Excellence

At myOnsite, our story doesn’t end with achieving zero service failure in 2023; it’s an ongoing narrative of improvement and commitment. Infection control in phlebotomy is more than just a protocol—it’s a cornerstone of our promise to provide safe, reliable, high-quality service to patients, clinics, and our mobile staff. By weaving these practices into the fabric of our operations, we continue to write a story of safety, reliability, and excellence in healthcare.