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Clinical Trials last for months or years. Imagine a 57-year-old cancer patient who participates in the trial and has to drive 40 miles away to the clinic multiple times for months or years. Would the participant feel comfortable doing so? The answer is obvious.

While it’s hard to find patients to participate in studies, it’s even harder to make sure they retain throughout the trial.    

Image Source : (https://www.clinicalleader.com/doc/rethinking-recruitment-plans-during-the-pandemic-0001)

The patient dropout is one of the major challenges in the clinical trial as the leaky pipe graphic shows that only 7% of patients complete the trials. High percentages of patients drop out slow down trials, and pharma companies can lose billions of dollars and 5-15 years of a time investment if rival companies win a patent or come to market.

How In-home health Services improve Patient Retention for Clinical Trials

Providing in-home trial experience to the patients by making blood draws or sample collections easy and convenient and eliminating their hassle of regular visits to the clinic will encourage them to complete the entire trial. Other benefits lead to successful study completion such as :

  • Subjects will have trust in the trial process because of the more personalized approach.
  • Subjects participating in the trial will find it easy and convenient to complete the trial. 
  • By keeping participants engaged throughout the trial, the study will finish on time and without extra cost to replace lost patients. 
  • Overhead for compliance goes down significantly. On-time completion of studies gives first to market advantage.
  • In-home health service software is paperless and seamless with real-time updates, giving more control and visibility to CRO’s. 

The Stay-at-home Convenience

Finding volunteers for clinical studies can be challenging. Therefore, a CRO conducts and manages clinical trials at multiple sites spanning across diverse geographies. However, In-home healthcare services providers can aid the clinical trial’s exercise by providing an in-home trial experience. In other words, the following are ways in which such services can aid the clinical trial and help patient retention:

  • In-home healthcare providers can tap into their existing networks globally to recruit volunteers saving time and money for CROs.
  • The In-home service providers also offer fully managed biospecimen service like collecting specimens, processing, delivery/logistics, and managing study data making it easier for CROs to execute the trials and get real-time updates from all the sites.
  • In-home healthcare service providers have specially designed software to manage patient’s data, vital signs, and/or biometrics to help CRO’s manage virtual trials more efficiently. 
  • It’s easy for CROs to have visibility and control over the study with real-time updates while monitoring patients for any potential adverse effects.
  • Mobile phlebotomy services facilitate collecting different specimen types, such as blood, urine, swab, etc. All are collected at the patient’s location of choice without going to the laboratory or clinic.

By partnering with an in-home healthcare company, CRO’s can streamline the entire process for their volunteers. From recruitment, sample collection, and delivery, mobile phlebotomy takes the burden off both the patient and the CRO.

Driving Clinical Trials the Decentralized Way

Partnering with a technology-based in-home healthcare company. For instance, myOnsite can make a big difference in the clinical research industry:

  • Extensive networks across the country make it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to source volunteers from a wider participant pool.  
  • A Service Company with Proprietary technology-enabled software is easily customizable and designed to :
    • Enroll volunteers 
    • Ensure compliance (eConsent and eCRF)
    • Deliver specimen/samples or results
    • Ensure lab testing requirements are met
    • Remote patient monitoring
    • Trial management  
    • Ensure on-time completion.  
    • Offer real-time visibility throughout the entire process. 
  • Ease of participation for volunteers
  • Specialized team of qualified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research
  • History of successful partnerships with CRO’s
  • On-time completion leading to lower-cost studies  
  • First to market advantage.

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way clinical trials can be conducted remotely and deliver services. Clinical studies face the same shifts, with a bigger focus on time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. myOnsite is a leader in mobile healthcare services.  With our software developers and proprietary software team,  we can adapt and meet the time’s need with a fully managed tech-backed service.

We look forward to sharing our expertise through our CRO partnerships to help innovate and improve healthcare. To discuss how we can support your clinical trial write to us at crteam@myonsitehealthcare.com or give us a call at (941) 271-0701.