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In 2023, myOnsite set a groundbreaking standard in oncology patient care at a renowned healthcare institution. We proudly achieved a zero service failure rate across thousands of at-home blood collections, reflecting our dedication to precision and quality. This remarkable feat underscores our commitment to elevating patient experience in oncology care, ensuring thousands of successful specimen collections with unparalleled accuracy and empathy. Our journey in transforming healthcare services continues with every patient we serve.

Why is Quality Specimen Collection So Crucial?

  • Accurate Diagnostics: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasize the pivotal role of specimen quality in precise diagnostics. A well-collected specimen ensures reliable test results, guiding appropriate patient care.
  • Patient Safety: Poor specimen quality can lead to incorrect diagnoses and treatments, posing a grave risk to patient well-being. We prioritize patient safety above all. 
  • Efficiency: Proper specimen collection minimizes the need for retests, conserving valuable time and resources for healthcare providers and patients.

Best Practices for Phlebotomists

  • Comprehensive Training: At myOnsite, our phlebotomists undergo rigorous training in specimen collection techniques. Our commitment to continuous improvement is central to maintaining our impeccable record.
  • Proper Equipment: Always utilize the correct collection devices and tubes. The choice of equipment directly influences specimen quality.
  • Meticulous Labeling: Accurate and clear specimen labeling is paramount for traceability and result accuracy. It’s a simple step with profound implications.


Quality specimen collection isn’t just a necessity; it’s a cornerstone of healthcare excellence. It ensures precise diagnoses, patient safety, and operational efficiency. Providers like myOnsite uphold these high standards through unwavering dedication to best practices and continuous training.

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