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We are all being reveal to COVID-19 information on a daily basis, and not all of it is reliable and true. In this pandemic, there’s severe panic among the citizens, a lot of them relying on the fake news and messages being spread through social media regarding the coronavirus causes or modes of treatment. 

So here’s taking a look at some of these Myths & Facts l that are getting circulated:

1. Myth: Pets can spread Novel Coronavirus!

There is no evidence establish that pets can be contaminate or transmit the disease. However, to be on the safe side, it’s best to wash your hands with soap after coming in contact with your pet. By doing this, you protect yourself from infections and other diseases that can pass between pets and humans. Pets spreading the Corona Virus- it’s a MYTH.


2. Myth: Coronavirus stays on the surface of food packaging!

This virus needs a live animal or human to multiply and survive; it cannot multiply on food packages’ surface. It is unnecessary to disinfect food packaging materials, but hands should be properly washed and sanitized after holding food packages and before eating the food. Coronavirus can be on food packaging- It’s a MYTH.


3. Myth: The COVID-19 virus can be spread through the consumption of cooked foods, including animal products.

No confirmation has been establish to date that people can catch COVID-19 from food or. The Coronavirus can be killed at temperatures similar to that of other bacteria found in food. Foods such as meat, poultry, and eggs should always be thoroughly cooked to a temperature of least 158 F. Before cooking, and raw animal products should be handled with precaution to avoid cross-contamination with cooked food.  Covid 19 can be spread in cooked food- It’s a MYTH.


4. Myth: Adding pepper, garlic, or ginger to your meals helps prevent or cure COVID-19?

No. No evidence adding hot peppers, eating garlic, or having ginger with your meals can prevent you from or cure COVID-19. However, these food items do have some antimicrobial properties.  Adding Peppers, garlic or ginger helps cure or prevent Covid 19-it’s a MYTH.


5. Myth: Probiotics can help prevent or cure COVID-19!

No. Probiotics are live microorganisms commonly add up to foods or used to supplement the diet for health benefits. However, there is no evidence that probiotics help prevent or cure COVID-19. Probiotics can help prevent or cure COVID-19it’s a MYTH.


6. Myth: Herbal tea or herbal supplement may help prevent COVID-19!

No evidence has been establish that herbal teas or herbal supplements prevent or help in the cure of COVID-19. Herbal tea or herbal supplement may help prevent COVID-19 – it’s a MYTH.


7. Fact: Vitamin D supplements are require if individuals are not reveal to sunlight due to lockdowns!

Vitamin D can be made in the skin by exposure to sunlight or attained through the diet from natural sources (e.g., fatty fishes such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, fish liver oils, cheese, beef liver, and egg yolks) or from vitamin D-enriched foods or supplements containing vitamin D.

In situations where individuals are not taking these foods or exposure to sunlight is limited, a vitamin D supplement in doses of the recommended nutrient intake or according to national guidelines may be considered. Vitamin D supplements are essential if individuals are not reveal to sunlight due to lockdowns – it’s a FACT.


8. Myth: Micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) supplements prevent COVID-19 or cure it in people with COVID-19!

No. There is currently no evidence that micronutrient supplementation helps in the prevention of COVID-19. Micronutrients are essential for our immunity system and play a vital role in healthy and nutritional well-being. Micronutrient consumption should be from nutritionally balanced and diverse diets, such as fruits, vegetables, and animal source foods. Micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) supplements prevent or cure COVID-19 – it’s a MYTH.


9. Myth: Rinsing the nose with saline will help prevent or cure Coronavirus.

Currently, there is no evidence that rinsing the nose with saline has prevented people from getting the Coronavirus. Yes, rinsing your nose with saline does help with the common cold, but regularly rinsing your nose with saline has not been demonstrate to prevent any respiratory illnesses. Rinsing your nose with saline will help in preventing or curing Coronavirus – it’s a MYTH.


10. Myth: You Need different disinfectants for kitchen surfaces.

Regular household cleaning and disinfection products will efficiently eliminate the virus from surfaces. For disinfecting household surfaces with suspected or confirmed COVID19, surface virucidal disinfectants, such as sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) or commonly known as Bleach and products build on ethanol (at least 70%), is put forward.  You need different disinfectants for kitchen surfaces it’s a MYTH.


11. FACT: Studies show hydroxychloroquine does not have clinical benefits in treating COVID-19. 

Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, a treatment for malaria, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis, has been under study as a possible treatment for pandemic COVID-19. Current data shows that this drug does not reduce deaths among hospitalized COVID-19 patients nor help people with moderate disease. The use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine is appreciate as generally safe for patients with malaria and autoimmune diseases. Still, its use is not advisable without medical supervision, can cause severe side effects, and should be avoided at any cost. More research is need to evaluate it in patients discover to COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine does not treat COVID-19 -it’s a FACT.


12. MYTH: Dexamethasone is a treatment for all COVID-19 patients!

Dexamethasone should be retain for patients who need it most. . It should not be store up.

This drug made no improvements in patients with mild symptoms. Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid used for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. For some COVID-19 patients on ventilators, a daily 6 mg dose of dexamethasone improved their health for ten days. Dexamethasone is a treatment for all COVID-19 patients – it’s a MYTH.


13. FACT: Thermal scanners CANNOT detect COVID-19.

Thermal scanners can effectively detect fever (i.e. higher than normal body temperature). It cannot see whether a person is contaminate with COVID-19. Thermal scanners are not capable of detecting COVID-19- it’s a FACT.


14. MYTH: Exposure to the sun or temperature higher than 25°protects you from COVID-19.

You can catch COVID-19, even if you are in sunny or hot weather. Many countries with hot weather report COVID-19. To protect yourself, make sure you wash your hands frequently with soap and avoid touching your face. Exposure to the sun or temperature higher than 25°protects you from COVID-19 – it’s a MYTH.


15. FACT: Antibiotics CANNOT prevent or treat COVID-19.

Antibiotics work only against bacteria, not viruses. Therefore antibiotics should not be used for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

However, if you are hospitalized or consulting a doctor for COVID-19, you may receive antibiotics if you have spread a bacterial infection at the same time. Antibiotics cannot prevent or treat COVID-19 – it’s a FACT.


16. MYTH: You should get a test for COVID-19 only if you are really sick.

Anyone with even minor symptoms should go through test. Anyone who does not have symptoms, but has come in close contact with someone who has Covid or thinks they may have been exposed, should also consider testing.

Also, while someone is waiting for test results, they should quarantine away from others. You should get a test for COVID-19 only if you are really sick. – it’s a MYTH.


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