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Anticoagulation Services

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Anticoagulation Management Therapy

Anticoagulation therapy is used in a number of medical conditions but has a risk potential for serious complications. Anticoagulation management requires frequent monitoring with a blood test called the international normalized ratio (INR). Anticoagulation therapy management improves quality of care by improving INR control and reducing complications. For better compliance, improved clinical efficiency, and reduced adverse events, myOnsite offers in-home anti-coagulation monitoring services that perform INR testing. These tests can be performed via a simple Fingerstick with results reported immediately at the bedside. Reporting is also available in real-time via our secure web portal.

myOnsite has 16+ years’ experience in mobile phlebotomy services and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Our mobile blood draws and specimen collection strategies support your anticoagulation management needs in over 22 states in the USA.

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