Real Time Access
myOnsite provides real time alerts and access to keep you and your patients informed. From ability to place order online to getting alerts with status of orders to receiving results in real time, our state of the art system provides unique capabilities to ensure patients are served on time and accurately.

  • Place orders / repeating orders
  • Instant notification of alerts and patient results
  • Review lab reports
  • Review cumulative results
  • Track the status of blood draws and lab orders
  • Track specimen location and temperature
  • Receive alerts for abnormal results

Mobile Access
As per the Manhattan Research firm, the US mobile health audience has reached around 95 million. Considering the fact the patients are growing their self-awareness instincts to take care of themselves, they wish to have a constant access to what their lab results.With a powerful system like IndraCare, your patients will be able to access the results through their phones.

Result Report Delivery

  • Portal
  • Fax
  • Secure Email
  • Electronic Results to EMR

We can set up an bidirectional electronic interface to receive results and transmit results directly to the EMRs.