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myOnsite completed the NYC Sero surveillance project Phase 2 with a success rate of 85% .

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has partnered with myOnsite for Covid Sero-Surveillance collections since the Covid pandemic population-based serology survey informs decisions about prevention and control strategies as well as community mitigation interventions. Our team of qualified professionals scheduled and conducted at-home phlebotomy services across the five boroughs of New York city. myOnsite is responsible for collecting blood specimens, transporting all specimens in an appropriate and timely manner, and properly disposing of biohazardous waste generated in the process. 

During Phase 1 myOnsite contacted 96% of the total participants within 3 days and 90% of the draws were completed successfully. Due to the participants’ diversity, we designed a new workflow in our mobile application for E-consent with a digital signature facility in four different languages (Russian, Cantonese, Spanish, and English). To meet the language barriers and solve the queries, we assigned a dedicated multi-Lingual  24*7 phone lines and a customer service team for the entire NYC project.

The client was delighted with our dedication and hard work and awarded us with the further project. We completed phase 2 with 45% more draw volume than phase 1 and a higher success rate of 85%. We are currently working on phase 3 of the project.

NIH partnered with myOnsite for a multi-site national Covid project.

We are proud to announce our partnership with NIH (National Institutes of Health) and Leidos Biomedical Research Inc, a technical contractor for Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. This is a phase 3 multi-site project of covid positive patients affected by cancer or other health conditions. myOnsite will be handling end-to-end mobile specimen collection for the site requiring home visits and access to our LIS portal for scheduling and managing the specimen collection with real-time updates. 

myOnsite sealed the New Hampshire state Biomonitoring program project.

MOH is now the exclusive partner of DHHS-NH (NH Department of Health & Human Services) for the New Hampshire state Biomonitoring programs. MOH will work with DHHS-NH on four projects spanning a cumulative period of 4 years. The project is to study the environmental safety and health risk of individuals in the industrial towns of New Hampshire. myOnsite will be managing the entire specimen collection process paperless with real-time updates.

myOnsite ventured into the Biohacker community market segment for specimen collection services.

We are glad to announce that we have extended our specimen collection services to perform complicated draws for the Biohacker community in collaboration with OpenCures, Inc., for various study subjects. Biohackers are self-volunteers who get themselves tested and enrolled in healthcare programs and contribute to the scientific community. myOnsite will be collaborating with them to manage all the nationwide specimen collections.

24*7 dedicated assistant to our clients.

During such unprecedented times, we recognize the special responsibility we have as healthcare providers. We actively work around the clock to serve healthcare providers and government agencies at both the federal and city levels to support their Covid-19 efforts and provide comprehensive, value-based quality care and patient-centric solutions for our patients and healthcare providers. We have upgraded the support team to provide 24 x 7 better and timely support to our clients on HL7 projects and assist them with further queries.

myOnsite now offers tailored options for your EMR system and print customized labels.

We continuously strive to provide effective tech-savvy solutions to ease and fasten the process for our clients. We offer a paperless workflow that spans from initial ordering to final results with real-time updates. And to further streamline the specimen management process, we now provide tailor-made solutions to integrate client’s EMR systems and print customized labels according to the client’s protocols and requirements. This will help our clients to manage their workflow and duties more effectively, eliminate human mistakes and increased accuracy. These thermal labels give more convenience,  flexibility and versatility in the healthcare field and create a safe work environment. It has benefitted many of our clients like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) in New York.

The laboratory information system is upgraded to provide a better and detailed experience.

We believe in value-based patient care and client-centricity. To provide the best quality, we offer the most advanced and effective solution and constantly strive to upgrade our systems and software to provide cutting-edge technology and user-friendly options to make the specimen management process convenient and easy for healthcare providers. We have recently upgraded our Laboratory information system (LIS), providing detailed and better data in graphical formats with customized options. Different users from the same organization can now have individual dashboards that can be customized to view data that matters to them. Now we can get quick and early notifications of adverse incidents into our incident management system, which helps us take immediate actions and provide solutions for a better and smooth workflow between the client and myOnsite.