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Clinical trials are the backbone of medical research, providing the necessary data to evaluate new treatments, drugs, and interventions. Mobile phlebotomy is emerging as a critical component in successfully executing these trials.

At myOnsite, we understand the unique challenges:

  • Patient recruitment
  • Patient Retention
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Data collection
  • Patient monitoring, including blood collection for testing 
  • Compliance with regulatory standards. 

Our mobile phlebotomy services are designed to address these challenges by providing convenient and reliable sample collection directly from the trial participants.

The benefits of integrating mobile phlebotomy into clinical trials are manifold. It reduces the burden on trial participants by eliminating the need for them to travel to a healthcare facility, thereby increasing participation rates. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that patient-centric approaches, including mobile phlebotomy, could improve trial outcomes.

Moreover, mobile phlebotomy ensures the integrity of the samples collected, as they are handled and transported by trained professionals. This is crucial for the validity of the trial results. At myOnsite, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of sample integrity.

As a leader in healthcare innovation, myOnsite is committed to advancing medical research through our nationwide mobile phlebotomy services. We continually explore partnerships with research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to integrate our services into their clinical trials.

We invite you to consider the value of mobile phlebotomy in your clinical trials. As we continue to push the boundaries of healthcare, we look forward to collaborating with you in advancing medical science.


Mayank Trivedi