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Phlebotomy is the process of collecting a sample of blood from the body to be tested for various health indications. The phlebotomist is the individual providing the blood draw, or venipuncture, where a needle is inserted into a vein to collect blood. This is typically performed in the arm. Blood sample testing is an important tool for diagnosing many medical conditions and therefore is a common practice. A phlebotomist needs special training to learn the procedures to draw blood correctly and efficiently from the circulatory system of a person. Blood draws can be taken in many settings including the hospital or clinic or in a home, office or school setting.

Advances in technology, communication and efficiency have allowed for mobile phlebotomy practices to gain a foothold in the field. A mobile phlebotomist has the necessary training and tools to perform procedures outside of a medical setting and therefore can take blood draws from practically anywhere. Mobile phlebotomy services have many benefits to the patient. These services are of benefit if a patient is unable to come into the clinic, is more comfortable in a home setting, has a complicated schedule and also for clinical research initiatives. The mobile phlebotomist will come to the agreed upon location to the person, take the blood sample and then transport it to the diagnostic laboratory for the health analysis. The phlebotomist is a direct link between the patient and the laboratory. 

Why Use Mobile Phlebotomy Services?

There are many benefits to mobile phlebotomy. People who are restricted to the home setting, become very stressed with commuting or being in a clinical environment, those who are disabled, at risk for falls (eg, the elderly) or immunocompromised all benefit from these services. 

Mobile phlebotomy services can have a big impact in nursing homes or assisted care facilities which could have challenges in transporting a larger number of patients to the hospital or lab. This is also true for people who need regular blood testing (eg, diabetic patients or those in experimental clinical trials) where frequent visits can be cumbersome. Mobile phlebotomy provides blood draw services that are convenient for everyone. 

Is a Phlebotomy Career of Interest?

Phlebotomy as a career shows many promising advantages and opportunities for continued career growth. To be employed as a phlebotomist, certification is required. Phlebotomy certification and training takes on average 6-12 months depending on the program. Many programs exist that differ is pricing and flexibility to best fit your schedule. Phlebotomists are in high-demand. This combination of high demand and excellent training and advancement opportunities makes phlebotomy a valuable career option for people who would like to work in the medical field.

  • Job security: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that phlebotomy employment will grow 26% from 2014 to 2024. This growing need for phlebotomists means the employment outlook is positive and job security is high. Hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood donation centers, and other organizations employ phlebotomists to perform blood work.
  • Fulfilling career: You are supporting the health and well-being of others! Blood tests represent a key diagnostic tool for many health conditions. Blood work makes a huge difference in the diagnosis and treatment plan for patients. 
  • Blood donations save lives: Blood draws from healthy people provides much needed blood that support those who need it in medical emergencies and disease indications. 
  • Flexible schedule: A variety of opportunities exist for phlebotomists to consider when pursing a career in this field. Contract, part-time and full-time positions are available.
  • Social engagement: Phlebotomists engage with people every day. If you are a social person and enjoy meeting new people, this is a great job for you! 

myOnsite provides optimized solutions for barriers that exist in healthcare testing services. We strive to eliminate the challenges that arise from scheduling cumbersome in-clinic procedures for blood draws and necessary health testing. Our mobile phlebotomy services cover a range of routine lab tests.

Our mobile phlebotomy services:

• Improve accessibility to blood draw and health assessments

• Remove the need for organized transportation and associated costs

• Provide elevated privacy and safety for testing 

myOnsite has 16+ years’ experience in mobile phlebotomy services and a 99% customer satisfaction rating.  Our mobile blood draws and specimen collection strategies support your testing and care needs in over 22 states in the USA. 

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