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At-Home Laboratory services have been around for a few years but took off in early 2020. More people to be interested in at-home blood collection and Lab services allowing patients to book an appointment in seconds and get the blood drawn in the safety and comfort of their home or office.

myOnsite Healthcare will send a licensed phlebotomist to visit you or another family member in the comfort of your home or place of business. You can make an appointment for lab sample collections at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Reasons to choose myOnsite Mobile Phlebotomy Services :

  1. Convenient – myOnsite offers greater flexibility in scheduling your blood draws. In the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere you are.
  2. Reliable– We thoroughly screen and hire the best phlebotomists. We care who cares for our patients. Our healthcare experts are fully train and certified, and are all experts in their field.  
  3. Safe – We understand due to the current Covid situation, everyone is concerned about minimizing the risk of exposure. By having a professional Phlebotomist who is thoroughly trained and takes all the necessary precautions with a PPE kit to keep you safe, you significantly reduce the risk of exposure to COVID.
  4. Budget-Friendly – Our services are covered under many health insurance plans, so we can often bill your insurance directly or give you receipts to get reimbursed. Out of pocket payment option is also available.
  5. Paperless Process: From online booking to sending you reports, everything is done digitally with complete data security.
  6. Personalized Services – We have custom-made services to fit the needs of people of all age groups and conditions, from the homebound senior to the busy working professional; we even care for fragile pediatric patients.
  7. Guaranteed service – We confirm and double-check every appointment, and there is never a charge if a blood draw is not completed on schedule. 

How does it work?

  • Email or Fax us at (877) 471-1327  (or ask your doctor to Fax) your Lab order.
  • Email us your Insurance details, Date of Birth, Address, and phone number. 
  • We will bill your insurance if possible
  • We can bill Medicare with no out of pocket expense to you
  • A local phlebotomist will be assign to your order who will call you the evening before to review. After that, confirm the time of appointment
  • We charge $85 (or $105 for kit draws) if you have to pay out of pocket
  • You can pay online on our secure website
  • We will confirm the order and appointment once everything is verified
  • Our phlebotomist will come to you to collect the specimen as per the requirements of the lab
  • We will drop off or ship the specimen to the laboratory of your choice
  • Your results will be fax to your doctor as requested in the lab order
  • You can log in to our web site to check on the status of your order

Keep your loved ones safe with our at-home phlebotomy services. myOnsite provides nationwide service and is expanding while maintaining a Customer Satisfaction rating of over 99%. You can also book an appointment online or give us a call at +1(941) 271-0701