Log files give you a good insight on what has happened on your server, which is handy when you need to troubleshoot a technical issue, wordpress optimization – en.papawp.org – generate a report and try to identify what happened during a malicious hack attack and. So you will find useful information if the service is failing to start, or authentication is not working etc. As such this is nothing related to WordPress but always good to know about it. In this error log file you won’t find information about the processing and sending of emails.

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In the mail.log file you will find information about all the emails sent by the server. When do I need to refer to the mail.log file? Most of the operating system events that happen when it is starting up and running are logged in the syslog log file. Syslog messages are typically human readable, but not always. Syslog is the equivalent of the Windows event log.

When do I need to refer to the SMTP server error log file? For example if a customer has problems receiving the emails you are sending, use the SMTP server log file to find out if it was successfully delivered to their servers or is still queued on your server. The SMTP server role on a web server is to send emails.

You might have several other log files on your web server that might be useful to you. Even though syslog is typically used as a central logging system to which other network attached devices can report to, in this article we will look at it as a single server log.