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myOnsite’s mission is to provide caring and compassionate service to the community.  We strive to treat each of our patients like family members, and provide the highest level of care possible.  To assist those who can not assist themselves, or who need our services to maintain their health.


We are an ethical company, and our mission is to have each and every employee in both our corporate office and in the community exemplify those ethics every day in their work.


We are a compassionate company, we go out of our way to accommodate patients, and to make healthcare more accessible and personal to each patient and customer.


We value hard work.  We will go the extra mile to get the job done, whether literally the extra mile to get to our patients, or working out a special request, we are committed to serving our patients and customers.


We are a responsible company.  Each of our healthcare professionals is thoroughly background checked and reference checked, so we are confident we are providing the best care possible.  You can feel safe in our hands.


We are a innovative company.  With our roots in technology, we are always looking to the future to adapt in new ways to serve our patients and clients more efficiently.


We are a diverse company.  We value diversity, with our multi-shore operations and our diverse staff, we are able to bring unique and innovative ideas to the table. We are able to tap into the most valuable resource we have- our employees.


At myOnsite, we work hard every day according to these principals.  We believe that by implementing these values, we are better able to serve the community and help bring about a better and healthier world.